Where is the Anti War Crowd?

When George W Bush was warmongering there were protests by all sorts of progressive liberal democrats. Now that we have a Nobel Peace Prize winner as president the phony anti war crowd has stayed quieter than a church mouse. Ron Paul not included. Not only has Mr. Obama stayed the course with most of Mr. Bush’s war policies, he’s grown our scope and footprint in the mid-east. He’s waging war without a declaration (with Bush as the rationale) and assassinating Americans without due process and now this. Bombing yet another country.

militaryin mideast


Greenwald was very popular with the anti war crowd before we had a Nobel laureate take over as the leader of the military. Now Greenwald is persona non grata among the crony principle-less pundits in the Media. Check out his spot on assessment of the hypocrisy behind the ‘peace’ president’s current war agenda:



If you every see a progressive democrat in office besides Denis Kucinich vote against war, it would be like spotting Bigfoot. It won’t hold up under scrutiny. If you see one of these anti war progressives mouthing off on the street when a republican is in office. Tell them that Obama lied and people died or call them a hypocrite and a liar and move away quickly as they are usually smelly, very angry or both depending on your region of the country. My favorites are from Portland, OR.


If you know someone that was anti-war when either Bush was in office ask them what changed?

Don’t let this murder continue, make a ruckus!


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