Cop Pulls Teen Over for Flashing High Beams, Tases Him, Eventually Shoots and Kills Him

Family is suing, saying everything the cop did from the moment he decided to stop their son was illegal.

Guilford’s encounter with Frost started on the road. Guilford flashed his high beams at Frost because, he told the officer after being pulled over, the police vehicle’s headlights were blinding him. Frost insisted the high beams on his new SUV weren’t on, and further, that a state law requiring drivers “use a distribution of light or composite beam so aimed that the glaring rays are not projected into the eyes of the oncoming driver” applied to Guilford flashing his high beams at Frost.

Frost asked Guilford for his driver’s license at least six times before Guilford admitted he didn’t have it. Initially, Guilford challenged Frost’s authority to pull him over in what reads a lot like a road rage incident where the raging driver is an agent of the state. At some point, Guilford used his cellphone to call his girlfriend, whose car he was driving and at whose house he left his wallet and keys.

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