Did a U.S. Sentinel Drone Hit Doomed Russian Metrojet?

By   November 3, 2015

This Russian airliner disaster is highly suspicious. They’re now saying an external impact brought this plane down. See the article here.

There’s no way that ISIS had the type of surface-to-air missile that could bring down this bird unless the United States or Saudi Arabia gave it to them. I wouldn’t rule it out, but I doubt it at this point. Some geniuses are saying it was a bomb placed on board. Hey guys, that’s not an “external impact”, that’s called an internal explosion. We know what that does because we’ve seen that before when a 747 was brought down over Scotland with one back in the day.

There hasn’t been found any wreckage that says it collided with another plane. Having lived in the Los Angeles area during two famous mid-air collisions between airliners and small private planes, I know that had this airliner struck a smaller plane, they would have discovered it. No, I think the U.S. accidently told us what hit this plane, or rather prophesied it, so to speak, a few weeks ago.

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