Montessori makes your kids smarter

Montessori makes your kids smarter

IQ tests of children educated according to the Montessori method revealed they enjoyed a higher level of intelligence than the children educated according to the traditional method.*

A new peer reviewed study (once again) shows a direct correlation between inspiring intelligence and Montessori environments. That’s right. A calm, loving, developmentally appropriate environment rich with activities that are age and stage appropriate Montessoriactually leads to children with higher IQs.

I know what you are thinking. That is because they are all private school kids. But the same holds true for Montessori in public schools. A different study from earlier this year shows children in public Montessori schools have higher levels of success than children in traditional schools.

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2 thoughts on “Montessori makes your kids smarter”

  1. I don’t think this article takes into account the fact that the parents are smarter for sending their kids to Montessori school. Therefore the kids are already genetically superior to public school kids and Montessori only increases intelligent difference. Look bottom line, my kids are smarter than yours! Deal with it!!


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