Ten proven, deadly carcinogens that are still being widely used

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November 03, 2015

With more than 14m new cancer cases occurring around the world each year and more than 8m cancer deaths a year, carcinogens certainly merit serious attention. Asbestos, diesel exhaust fumes, radiation in various forms, nightshift work, tobacco and alcohol are all well-known causes of cancer, but there are lots more besides, including several you may never have heard of.

 Many factors determine the number, type and impact of the carcinogens you may face. You’re sure to be exposed to several. Some people may be exposed to high levels of them, although the greatest public health threat may come from large numbers of people being exposed to low levels of a carcinogen rather than small numbers being exposed to high levels of them. Be aware, however, that even exceptionally low doses of some carcinogens can have a serious effect.
 What’s your risk?

An individual’s exposure to widely-used carcinogens depends on a wide range of factors: where they live, for example, and for how long, their work, their life circumstances, even what their parents were exposed to in the past. Usually the most vulnerable, the poorest and those in the worst jobs face the greatest risks from “environmental” carcinogens.

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