Rise of the Victim Conquerors

Rise of the Victim Conquerors
As Sweden crumbles under the weight of an unassimilable minority, as the Swedish foreign minister claims that her country is facing collapse due to a flood of refugees, my thoughts flash back to 1998, and a lengthy, contentious dinner I had with one of the preeminent progenitors of multiracial and multicultural Sweden: Fransesca Quartey. Fransesca is, and was already by 1998, a superstar in Sweden, one of that nation’s most popular actresses. She certainly stood out; her mother was a white Swedish native who, as a teen, had a child with a Ghanaian immigrant. Growing up in Gothenburg, there were not a lot of black/mixed-race Swedish stage, film, and TV stars, so when Quartey hit the big time, it was a big deal. Her ascent in the Swedish entertainment industry was fueled in part by a society that, ashamed as it is of its homogeneity, wanted to flaunt its nascent diversity.

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