“The Death of Western Civilization” – Continued- Ideas Have Consequences

“The Death of Western Civilization” – Continued by 

The thinking of most people has become thoroughly politicized, which is to say has become dominated by the use of organized coercion as the most effective means of accomplishing one’s ends. Whoever was responsible for yesterday’s mass-murders in Paris expressed this mindset. But their modus operandi was not a strategy dreamed up on their own.  The attraction to violence has so permeated human thinking and behavior that we almost don’t notice it. It even reaches into what we like to think of as the field of entertainment. Being so pervasive, we should not be surprised to find its expression elsewhere as well.  Computer games provide a means for children to learn to operate a joy-stick to kill off the “bad guys.” Does this skill prepare young men and women to become military drone-operators to bomb innocent people in foreign countries? College football teams dress in black uniforms (black being the color of death) to which American flags have been attached, and with games played while uniformed troops stand on the sidelines in battle-dress. Motion pictures and TV movies have become heavily influenced by death themes of vultures and zombies; while so much popular music – particularly rock bands – is performed by people in deathly costumes, accompanied by special effects of fire and explosions.  As I asked in my earlier blog, would young people have been as attracted to a concert performed by a band called “Spirit of Life” as they were to one named “Eagles of Death Metal”?

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