Who’s Making A Killing From the Paris Terror Attacks?

Who’s Making A Killing From the Paris Terror Attacks?

Terrorism is great for business if you’re in the business of growing the government leviathan. The bodies in Paris are not yet buried, while the vultures with dollar signs (and pounds and Euros, etc) in their eyes have already swooped down for a feast.

Terrorism, what is it good for?

1) The military-industrial-Congressional complex: Thanks to Glenn Greenwald for bringing to light the enormous profits that are already rolling in for the merchants of death as Paris still smolders. As Greenwald points out, the markets could hardly wait to start buying from these military suppliers:

2) The surveillance/spy state: This morning UK prime minister David Cameron announced that, in light of the Paris attacks, an additional 2,000 spies will be hired in Britain’s MI5, MI6, and GCHQ. The British are among the most spied-upon people on the planet, and with a 15 percent increase in spy hires they can look forward to having even more of their private lives in view of government snoops, as well as their civil liberties further clipped in the name of freedom. Cameron calls ramping up the surveillance state “invest[ing] more in our national security,” but does anyone believe an even larger spy bureaucracy will keep Britain safe?

3) The regime-change interventionists: Still in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron is planning, in light of the Paris attacks, to greatly expand British training of rebels to fight in Syria. The 85 British troops already training “moderate” rebels in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan are “woefully insufficient,” according to former chief of the defense staff, Lord Richards. In Saudi Arabia, the British are training the much-touted but rarely-sighted Free Syrian Army, which has the Assad government as its primary target. Anyone who believes those passing through this ramped-up British military training program are not going to focus on removing the Assad government rather than fighting ISIS are drinking far too much government-supplied Kool-Aid.

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