Who Can Stop the Drive to War?


“The politicians are the ones you should be opposing, not the soldiers. The soldiers are there to do what they are told. They perform terrible acts because they are told to do so.” ~ A Critic in 2008

“I think you are picking on the wrong bunch.  All the things you list in your article are to be laid at the feet of the politicians. Our system requires the military to follow orders. If the people giving the orders are immoral etc. then you have the problems you allude to.” ~ A Critic in 2015

Some things never change—like excuses for the actions of the military. The song is a little different each time, but the chorus is the same: Just criticize the politicians; the troops are just following orders.

During this time when there is such a tremendous drive to war that “for the first time in CNN/ORC polling, a majority of Americans (53%) say the U.S. should send ground troops to Iraq or Syria to fight ISIS,” there is only one group of people who can stop the drive to war. It is not the politicians in Congress. Many of them think that President Obama is not enough of a warmonger. It is not the Republican presidential candidates. Most of them can’t wait to become the commander in chief so they can get the United States involved in more wars.

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