Drones over Malheur – BREAKING


While performing my own due diligence regarding the situation in Oregon (Read About It Here), I made contact with a few of my most trusted government sources.  In an incredible stroke of luck, one such source, who shall remain nameless, is directly involved in monitoring the ongoing situation at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  According to my source, as so-called militia members from across the country made their way to Oregon, various assets, which were not directly identified, were readied.  These assets have already been deployed to the region.  Although the source would not describe the particular drones being employed, he did indicate that “High altitude surveillance platforms” are currently monitoring activity at the Wildlife Refuge Office, which is currently under occupation by the armed militiamen.

“These particular assets are high altitude so they are invisible to the naked eye,” the source said.  “Even at night, maybe you’ll catch a glint of light or something if it catches the moon while it turns but, for the most part, they’ll never know they are up there,” he assured me.

As our conversation went deeper into probabilities and possibilities, the source made no effort to disguise his anxiety over a potential escalation on the ground.  When I asked what kind of response the militia could expect if they turned their guns toward government agents, the source chuckled a little, then grew more serious.

“Dude, these yahoos wouldn’t know what hit them.  We already have snipers deployed to the area but,..” There was a lengthy pause.  I urged him to continue.  “Well, that location is very remote.  There is really no risk to non-combatants if this thing goes hot.  A couple of missiles and the whole thing will be over.”

“Are you saying they would commit to a drone strike on the building?” I asked.

“I don’t know if they would or not.  But, I do know that we could,” he said.  “The equipment is already staged in Washington.  Authorization is just a phone call away, bro.  If this thing goes live, I have no problem shooting a [expletive-deleted] Hellfire up their asses.”


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