Bill Nye now the corporate fraud science guy

Bill Nye

(NaturalNews) Bill Nye has just joined with Monsanto to push GMOs. He’s basically recanted all of his former warnings about GMOs, even though for years he used to question — and urged others to do the same — what was in his food. His change of heart stems from a meeting he had with the folks at Monsanto.

Now, all has changed on the “teach the children” front, where Bill Nye the “Science Guy” has switched his stance, proclaiming his apparent new GMO love affair, exclaiming that “when you’re in love, you want to tell the world.” Whatever that means.

Everyone now has the responsibility to look at these “circus” endorsements and their front men and decide if they want to continue supporting anything people like this have to say in the future. Tell your kids. If you’re a teacher, inform your students. If you’re a school administrator, step up to the plate and have intelligent discussions with entire school systems about healthy food choices. Bill Nye is now the “Corporate Fraud Science Guy,” nothing more than a talking head who now propagates GMOs.

Is Nye becoming the next Neil deGrasse Tyson, who thinks GMOs have been around forever and that you should just eat what’s given to you and shut up? This may also remind you of Jon Entine, another shill who propagates GMO myths and has ties to Monsanto.

Bill Nye joins the Monsanto circus



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