10 Benefits Of Kissing: Backed By Chemistry

January 7, 2016 by 

The kiss is a measure of a person’s feelings, of his or her love or attraction to another. A truly meaningful kiss can also act as a powerful mood booster, instilling a sense of confidence and heightened self-esteem in both parties. The strength of a kiss lies in the power it has to cause the release of serotonin and oxytocin peptides in our bodies.

The following are some of the wonderful and amazing physical benefits of kissing:

1. Relieves Physical Pain

Kissing helps to raise the threshold for activation of pain receptors in the body, and it also causes a release of endorphins (pain relieving hormones) from our brains, inhibiting the pain pathway and thus providing pain relief. Kissing is also beneficial for people who suffer from chronic pain due to autoimmune disorders (Rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) and malignant cancers.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure

Kissing lowers blood pressure by dilating blood vessels in the body. Thus, kissing can cause a decrease in blood pressure, even in people with hypertension, by providing them with physical relief and lowering their levels of stress.

3. Improves The Health Of Our Heart

Kissing can cause a decrease in the sympathetic tone of our heart. By doing so, it reduces the physical stress which the heart undergoes in daily life as a result of the psychological stress we experience. Studies reveal that men who make love regularly are 45% less likely to develop heart disease than those who make love once in a month. Regular kissing can help you to avoid taking cardiac drugs and loading doses of Aspirin and clopidogrel!

4. Boost Immunity & Help With Allergies

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