Who organised the attacks of January and November 2015 in Paris?

by  Thierry Meyssan

New information, published by the Croatian daily Slobodna Dalmacija, alleges that the French state was responsible for the attacks which occurred in Paris in January and November 2015. Either the French authorities had previously infiltrated the groups which perpetrated these attacks, and chose not to intervene to prevent them, or else they were directly implicated in the organisation of the attacks. In any case, it remains to be determined who made these decisions, and whether or not he was acting on behalf of the Republic.

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On the 11th January 2015, 56 heads of state and government met in Paris, in a street close the the Voltaire Métro station, to demonstrate their opposition to terrorism. Among them were the godfathers of Al-Qaïda and Daesh, such as Ahmet Davutoğlu. 

According to the official version, the attacks of January and November 2015 in Paris were sponsored by Al-Qaïda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) —for the execution of the editors of Charlie-Hebdo— and by Daesh for all the others. The authorities have admitted that the Charlie-Hebdo attack was coordinated with the attack against the supermarket at the Porte de Vincennes, although, according to them, AQAP and Daesh are enemies. They also admitted that doubt persists concerning the claim that Amedy Coulibaly was a member of Daesh.

Reuters revealed that the weapons used in the attacks came from the factory of Crvena Zastava, situated in Kragujevac (Serbia) [1]. Both Associated Press and the Palm Beach Post believed that one of the Serbian pistols had been transported by Century International Arms, a Florida firm linked to the CIA [2], although the Press Agency – but not the Post – has since retracted the claim [3].

According to the Croatian daily Slobodna Dalmacija, the weapons used in the January attack against the supermarket, and others used during the attack in November, came from the Serbian manufacturer Crvena Zastava, and were moved to France by the same dealer, Claude Hermant [4].

Our readers will remember that in 1998, the Réseau Voltaire uncovered the surprising activities of the security contingent of the Front National, the Département Protection Sécurité (DPS). This unit had been compiling a list of personalities and had scouted their homes – apparently a small group of individuals within the DPS were preparing certain illicit activities. After a long period of complicated negotiations, we managed to obtain the creation of a Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry to investigate these facts [5]. The elements that we provided for the Assemblée Nationale, specifically concerning the double mission of members of the DPS – for the Front National in France and for the organisation of coups d’état in Africa – were quickly blocked by the Secret-Défense [6]. However, this information provoked a crisis and division within the Front National, so that finally, no-one was available to answer the allegations. Two years later, in 2001, one of the ex-members of the DPS, Claude Hermant, (mentioned above), admitted to the French daily Libération the existence of the « Action » structure within the DPS [7].

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