Science had it wrong – Cold weather can make you sick

Cold weather(NaturalNews) For years we have been told that getting cold has nothing to do with catching a cold. It turns out science was wrong, and Mom’s common sense was right. It’s a great example of how flawed science can be. The good news is that scientists have finally discovered why colder temperatures can lead to viruses.

During cold weather your nasal passages tend to dry out. Mucus is one of the body’s first lines of defense against viruses. Ideally, pathogens become trapped in mucus and are later expelled or are swallowed or killed by stomach acid. During cold weather, this is less likely to happen.

Most strains of the rhinovirus, the virus responsible for the common cold, spread throughout your body more effectively at cooler temperatures. Infected cells often self-destruct. Warm cells in the body are more likely to self-destruct, stopping the viral invasion. Also warmer cells are more able to muster an effective immune response. Colder temperatures constrict blood vessels, inhibiting the transport of white blood cells to infected areas. In one study, a four-degree difference in Celsius temperature made nasal cells in mice less able to fend off invading viruses. In another study, cooler temperatures spread viruses from guinea pig to guinea pig more effectively than in warmer temperatures. While human beings are not guinea pigs or mice, we are all mammals, and we all get colds. We are all more prone to catch colds at cooler temperatures.

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