What You Need To Know About The Richest Man In America WeAreChange


3 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About The Richest Man In America WeAreChange”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I will be sharing the youtube link on ebolainfo2014.wordpress.com/
    Also Billy boy might be the richest in the US but not in the world. For that we need to look at a european monarch.


  2. There’s nothing wrong with investing in fast food companies. They are supplying a service that people obviously want . I occasionally eat at them myself and I invest in them. If people choose to eat too much of it, that is their mistake and not the responsibility of the companies.


    1. Fast food today isn’t the same as it was even a generation ago, chemical laden, foreign made food material is a major contributor to people’s inability to think and be healthy. To say there’s nothing wrong with the business model of these companies is perhaps flawed. No one knows how truly poisonous their ingredients are – and that’s not by accident.
      Our food chain wouldn’t resemble what it is today if we had a free market. We can only thank the Federal Reserve for this distorted corny capitalist system.


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