Dear Parent who Thinks Vaccine Legislation is About Vaccines,

You’re wrong, and I hate to tell you that.

Because I wish more than anything that I was wrong. That I was an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist. But, I am not.

I am a normal parent like you. I love my child more than is reasonable, and then I lock myself in the bathroom because 5 seconds of silence is better than a trip to Hawaii.

I know you’ve seen the vaccine legislation flying around. You’ve probably thought, “good, wrangle in all those anti-science, lost parents, and mandate they take care of their kids!” Where’s the debate? Science is settled. I should know, I’ve listened to my pediatrician since day 1 and refuse to read the data, funder, and to the whistleblowers behind those two autism studies. 100% of my vaccine knowledge I heard on Sesame Street and vaccine commercials – and who could be more honest?

alone-971122_1920Photo credit: Pixabay

I wish I could agree. I wish we could complain together over glasses of wine about how fussy our recently vaccinated children are. But I can’t.

Because I did the research. I have piles of books from doctors, immunologists, scientists and parents. I’ve poured over the raw data, sliced VAERS reports, and I have seen it. I have seen before my eyes children harmed.

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