Depopulation globalist Bill Gates investing in meat alternatives made with toxic ingredients like GMO canola oil

Fake meat

(NaturalNews) A new era of fake, toxic meats is upon us. While tofu, seitan and veggie burgers have been around for ages to satisfy the growing vegetarian and vegan community, in the last few years the food industry has been on a mission to win the hearts of the health-conscious carnivore, too.

According to the fake meat producers new, lab produced, meat alternatives taste, look and feel the same as meat and could be the next big food revolution. Or is this just another sneaky way to slowly reduce our growing population?

How fake meats are made

In 2009, Ethan Brown founded “Beyond Meat” hoping to create a solution for the greenhouse gas pollution the meat industry creates.

To make the fake meat, several questionable ingredients, including pea and soy proteins, are mixed with toxic canola oil to give the “meat” its fat content. Then the mixture is pressed through a machine that goes through a few heating and cooling steps to form the strips and give them texture.

A new way to poison the world

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