Obama Sees Not Intervening Even More in Libya as ‘Worst Mistake’ of Presidency


Still Insists Imposing Regime Change ‘The Right Thing to Do’

by Jason Ditz, April 10, 2016

Asked about the “worst mistake of his presidency” in a new interview, President Obama insisted it was the lack of further military intervention in Libya after imposing regime change on the nation in 2011, which he still insisted was “the right thing to do.”

Obama made similar comments last month about Libya, at the time bragging that the $1 billion war was “very cheap,” and blaming Britain and France for not doing more in the aftermath, saying British PM David Cameron “got “distracted.”

The Libya regime change has become increasingly politically relevant in the US, with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seen as a major architect of the war, and has been campaigning on the “success” of the war.

It’s also important because the US, along with several Western European nations, are interested in attacking Libya again, this time to fight against ISIS, which set up shop in the nation after the last disastrous NATO intervention there.


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