Why I Was Wrong About Atheism


One thought on “Why I Was Wrong About Atheism”

  1. Thank you for this clear-eyed analysis/comparison. Actually, since earliest history, it had been noted that people always chose tyranny when there was no belief in God. Nimrod was the first post- flood tyrant who shook his fist against God, and terrified people into disbelieving in God. People always needed a tyrant ruler to control their behavior if they didn’t practice belief in God’s commandments. Nimrod’s ‘tower of Babel’ was an attempt to ‘shake his fist at God,’ a mammoth attempt to never be flooded out by God again. It was mankind unified against God, and God doesn’t and never did like his creation to be ‘unionized’ against Him. As a result, the continents were divided, mankind was scattered throughout the world, and different languages were suddenly created so that they could no longer ‘collude’ against Him so easily, while at the same time, He gave them a chance to repent and return. The only unity that God has ever approved of is unity under Him alone (a peaceful, loving unity between different ethnics and races is profoundly evident in my church, for example). Any other kind of pagan or atheist type of ‘unity’ will be very short-lived (think growing statism and new world order, for example).
    Keep thinking, and thanks, again.


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