Feel Better Quickly: Edit below

A quick break from following the misery in the world.

  1. Get Active. Move your body. Get your heart rate up. Sitting is the new smoking.
  2. Get Outside. Being in the sun is vital to energy and health. The sun haters all look sick (and unhappy). Walk barefoot weather permitting.
  3. Eat a healthy meal. Fresh fruit and veggies yes. Avoid poison cuisine.
  4. No screen time or reduce it greatly.
  5. Finish something that you’ve put off .
  6. Think about something important in your life that you are neglecting.
  7. Learn something new. Read a non-fiction book. Listen to a podcast. Think deep thoughts.
  8. Think about something that can make you smile.
  9. Talk with someone that you like and care about.

Good luck and get busy.

Edit: Stop watching main stream news. It’s meant to confuse and depress you.



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