It’s Now Cheaper To ‘Buy’ A Dry Bulk Freight Tanker Than A Starbucks Coffee

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Just 3 short months ago, we detailed how – thanks to the collapse in China’s growth and massive commodity inventory gluts, the cost of renting a Dry Bulk Tanker was less than the cost of renting a ferrari for a day…


As Bloomberg reported at the time,

Rates for Capesize-class ships plummeted 92 percent since August to $1,563 a day amid slowing growth in China. That’s less than a third of the daily rate of 3,950 pounds ($5,597) to rent a Ferrari F40, the price of which has also fallen slightly in the past few years, according to Nick Hardwick, founder of

The Baltic Exchange’s rates reflect the cost of hiring the vessel but not fuel costs. Ships burn about 35 metric tons a day, implying a cost of about $4,000 at present prices, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

One would think, considering how much the Baltic Dry Index has ‘surged’ off its all-time record lows – and the noise being spewed by Cramer et al. that this is somehow indicative of the “big comeback” in the Chinese (and world) economies – that the situation would have improved… But it has not!


For the cost of $1 – less than the price of a Grande Black Coffee at Starbucks – you too can be the owner of a 58,429 deadweight tonne bulk carrier…

As The Guardian reports,

more here


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