Reality Therapy, a Case Study

Posted on April 26, 2016 by Robert Ringer

In my previous article on reality therapy, I explained that the reality therapist does not believe it is necessary, or even helpful, to hash over the deep-rooted causes of one’s problems. Instead, he believes that fulfillment of an individual’s needs in the present, regardless of what traumas he may have suffered in the past, is all that matters. In other words, through the power of free will we have the capacity to modify our behavior.

I thought about this some years ago after watching a segment on 60 Minutes Wednesday about a remarkable man by the name of Thomas Quasthoff. Quasthoff was born near Hanover, Germany, one of the earliest thalidomide babies. At birth, he had no arms and a deformed body that would grow to only about three feet in height.

His parents, concerned that they could not properly care for him, sent him away to an institution for the disabled when he was very young. But after a few years, he returned home and was placed in a regular school.

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