No Difference Between Political Left & Right

left & right


  • Progressives overwhelmingly control both major political parties in the US;
  • Progressives control the federal judiciary, along with all federal departments and agencies;
  • Progressives dominate academia, universities, and K-12 education, both government and private;
  • Progressives run the American Medical Association and the American Bar Association, and thus the traditionally “conservative” professions of medicine and law are now steered leftward;
  • Major corporations, both global and domestic, are run by progressives. Their boards are progressives. Their corporate branding and messaging is progressive;
  • Wall Street is progressive;
  • Silicon Valley and the tech industry are dominated by progressives, from Google to Apple to Microsoft;
  • Progressives overwhelmingly control traditional media, including broadcast news and print publications (virtually all journalists self-identify as progressive);
  • Progressives overwhelmingly run important social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr;
  • Progressives run Hollywood: they hold sway over the film, TV, and video industries, including the growing market for streaming content from HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and others; and
  • All major religious institutions in the west, from the Vatican to mainline Protestant churches to virtually all synagogues, are now thoroughly progressive both politically and doctrinally.



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