The subtle difference in beliefs of political females vs healthy women

Progressive Feminists                  

  1. Want special rights for women.
  2. Want privilege.
  3. See women as victims of men.
  4. Want affirmative action.
  5. Want speech/language control.
  6. Want to subjugate men.
  7. Life choices are political: career, marriage and family are unfair.
  8. Sex is an act of violence = rape.
  9. Birth control should be free.
  10. Androgyny is normal.
  11. Masculine and Feminine roles are cultural constructs.

   Normal Female (capable of thought and love)

  1. Wants the same legal rights as men.
  2. Wants equal opportunity.
  3. Feel strong, smart and capable.
  4. Feel adults should be judged on value earned.
  5. Believe in freedom of expression.
  6. Believe in mutual respect.
  7. Feel a woman should be able to choose their future.
  8. Think sex is enjoyable.
  9. Women should be free to use birth control.
  10. Women are free to choose how feminine they are.
  11. Men & women are biologically different.

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