Alien superstructure, Dyson sphere likely a reality, astronomers say, after reanalyzing NASA data independently

Star KIC 8462852 may support life that’s living in a massive alien superstructure, Dyson sphere, astronomers say, after analyzing NASA data independently

(INTELLIHUB) — An astronomer named Tabetha Boyajian spoke at a TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference back in February and presented the audience with a rather impressive discovery which came after independent researchers sifted through Kepler Telescope data previously only scraped by NASA computers which were reported to have turned up nothing. However, now evidence shows that a “massive alien superstructure” or “Dyson sphere” may have been constructed by an advanced civilization and may be lurking in the depths of space.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and it is my job, my responsibility, as an astronomer to remind people that alien hypotheses should always be a last resort,” Boyajian told the crowd.

Now, I want to tell you a story about that. It involves data from a NASA mission, ordinary people and one of the most extraordinary stars in our galaxy.”

It began in 2009 with the launch of NASA’s Kepler mission. Kepler’s main scientific objective was to find planets outside of our solar system. It did this by staring at a single field in the sky, this one, with all the tiny boxes.And in this one field, it monitored the brightness of over 150,000 starscontinuously for four years, taking a data point every 30 minutes. It was looking for what astronomers call a transit. This is when the planet’s orbit is aligned in our line of sight, just so that the planet crosses in front of a star.And when this happens, it blocks out a tiny bit of starlight, which you can see as a dip in this curve. And so the team at NASA had developed very sophisticated computers to search for transits in all the Kepler data.”

But while all of this was taking place, astronomers at Yale University were wondering if NASA’s computers could have missed something, or, better yet, if NASA could be covering something up.

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