The Creation of a “Transgender” Problem

 by Robert Ringer

I have a feeling that most people don’t really understand what the transgender bathroom issue is all about. Obviously, it has nothing whatsoever to do with “civil rights.” In reality, it’s nothing more than part of an overall radical-left strategy to create civil unrest. (Yes, the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse the welfare system and precipitate a crisis that would lead to a guaranteed national income for everyone is part of the same civil-unrest plan.)

But first, let’s first state the obvious: There is no such thing as a “transgender.” The whole notion that a man can arbitrarily decide he’s a woman and a woman can arbitrarily decide she’s a man is not just perverse, it’s ridiculous.

And guess who’s well aware that it’s ridiculous? The power structure of the radical left, that’s who. In fact, I believe that every time they come up with another crazy, in-your-face idea, they high-five each other and laugh up a storm behind closed doors. (Similar to what they did after they pushed Obamacare down the throats of a public that had made it clear it did not want it, then joked about how they had to lie to get it passed.)

So what’s really behind all this transgender nonsense? The same thing that has motivated the radical left for decades, long before Obama snookered his way into the White House: the desire to create an uprising, preferably a violent uprising. Since day one in office, the Duplicitous Despot has repeatedly poked the average citizen in the eye, with no hint of sympathy for those who believe in a civilized society or American exceptionalism.

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