Ask Your Government if Another War is Right For You


Why do I think this? Several reasons, among which are: Assad has been given until August 1st to step down. A second airliner out of Egypt has now blown up in mid-air rather all of the sudden and suspiciously, the first being several months back and now a second this week. ISIS has not been daunted despite over a year of alleged aerial bombardment from Obama’s Flying Circus Stuka Squadron. But why now?

Remember back in 2004 when people didn’t want to vote for Kerry in the middle of a war? So they voted for Bush again? What if we get into a war so people will want to “stay the course” with the Democrats and fear bringing in the proverbial “unknown quotient”? However, there never need be any reason such as that for the United States to get into another war. The United States government thrives on mayhem, conflict, and chaos. And there is a big reason for that: It keeps the masses entertained and their minds off of the abject failure of the government here at home. There is no better way to drum up paperback patriotism than another war. Then even the people that fought in previous no-win, quagmire, and futile wars will all rally behind the latest waste of human life for no coherent objective beyond ego self-gratification.

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