Tran-Speak, Exclusion, no Science: How Obama’s Pro-Transgender Rules Impact K-12 Teenagers

By Austin Ruse

Obama described the new federal agency directive and instructions, which were announced May 9, as “here’s how there are schools that have been wrestling with this problem, and have, we think, done a good job in accommodating them in a way that is good for everybody.”

The documents cite examples from far-left, pro-transgender schools in New York, D.C., California and elsewhere, that Obama is now imposing on all 100,000 K-12 schools and their 55 million American kids and teenagers. The italicized paragraphs are quotes from the 25-page instruction book.First, all normal kids, teenagers and teachers must shut up, salute, and get with the government’s program or be punished, even for questioning the biological sex of a “transgender” youth during science class. They also have to learn a new language of novel pronouns — “ze” and they” instead of “he” and “she” — for transgenders who declare themselves as something other than male or female.

The [D.C. Public Schools] Guidance provides examples of prohibited harassment that transgender students sometimes experience, including misusing an individual’s preferred name or pronouns on purpose, asking personal questions about a person’s body or gender transition, and disclosing private information.

  • If a girl is uncomfortable with a teenage boy in the girls’ locker room, too bad. She needs to follow orders, shut up and get out so the transgender can get in

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