With Or Without You? U2 Urges Irish Brits To Vote “Remain”

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You know the establishment is paniccing when they roll out Bono (and Liam Neeson) to appeal to the Irish (which make up around 10% of the UK electorate) to vote “Remain” or face “the worst ramifications.” As The Irish Times reports, U2 warns “a Brexit vote will make us weak,” suggesting a vote to ‘Leave’ would mean Thursday bloody Thursday and a vote to ‘Stay’ would be a Beautiful Day.

Irish4Europe communications director David D’Arcy said: “Irish represent up to 10 per cent of the UK electorate and we are asking each and every one of those Irish voters to make voting Remain their first task tomorrow.” And as The Irish Times reports,

Irish musicians U2 have backed a remain vote in Britain’s European Union referendum, saying Europe without Britain seems unimaginable.


The band posted a video on its Facebook page from British Irish group Irish4Europe. The video says a vote to leave the European Union could damage progress in Northern Ireland.


“We were asked to repost this video, we like it and we’re humbled to be in it. For Irish voters in Britain, don’t go we’d miss you… Europe without Britain seems unimaginable to us. Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry,” U2 wrote.

Bono had previously noted,

more here


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