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Was Eric Holder Worse Than John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales for Your Civil Liberties?


Both Ashcroft and Gonzales were fans of the unconstitutional domestically intrusive government that would help fight the “war on terror”. Gonzales was an architect in building “legal” foundations for the endless war in the Middle East of George W Bush. Clearly neither man were fans of civil liberties, personal freedom or constitutional restraint on government. Both men pale in comparison to Eric Holder in both intimidation of Americans and action against whistle blowers; Holder as Mr. Obama’s proxy has prosecuted 8 different people under the Espionage Act. This administration has prosecuted more government whistle blowers and journalists under the charges of espionage than the combined totals of all presidents since Woodrow Wilson signed the act into law in 1917. The Holder & Obama team have intimidated journalists and journalism more than any other president this century. What really puts Holder on a different level than his terrible predecessors is the fact that he defended targeted killing of Americans overseas and domestically. That’s right. Is anyone paying attention? Remember that this isn’t about partisan politics – republicans and democrats have the same goals. It’s about every man, woman and child uniting against the state. Wake Up!*

*I realize that waking up is easier said than done – most of us have been brainwashed and lulled to sleep by those among us that want most to acquire money and power. It’s not as benign as them simply ignoring our needs and best interests. They are deliberately trying to destroy the population to create their ‘utopia’ – and by the way, that utopia most certainly does NOT include you (or me, for that matter). The most terrifying part of this reality is that sociopaths are the ones that ascend to power and end up controlling most governments. Look at any number of psychopaths that have made it to the top of the food chain as innocents looked on in tacit consent (Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin etc. etc were all ‘elected’). Don’t give them your consent – fight for your freedom and liberty.


Why Gary North is still wrong.


Why Gary North is still wrong, part II. See part I here.

The war on males and masculinity has been underway for decades and encouragement of narcissism and gender neutral role models is only a part of this facet of war. This social engineering has been going on for at least the last century. Boys and men have been under attack from chemicals in our food, water (fluoridation) and air. While these chemicals effect both sexes it’s a male population that needs to be subdued (testosterone levels lowered) and dumbed down in order to accept the form of economic slavery that we’re currently living in. This chemical attack is in step with propaganda that makes masculinity un-cool. As this happens the government has an easier time “engineering consent” of a fascist society. This cultural fascism claims that oppression comes from free market capitalism and the men behind that system. Men discriminate against and enslave all minorities for their own benefit. The reality is that oppression comes from non-voluntary interaction. The free market is exactly that, free and voluntary. Oppression comes from force. Government and its cronies are where force and oppression come from.

Boys are taught and treated the same as girls in school, despite the significant genetic, physical, emotional and behavioral differences. These differences are easily observable on any unsupervised play space. If boys show any individualism they are medicated more than the rest of their classmates. The ‘metro sexual’ is the new role model for boys. Sperm counts have dropped across the western world. The government educational media complex pushes superficial, vacuous entertainment laced with propaganda. The more effeminate men become the more superficial, narcissistic and sadistic they become. Boys need to work with their minds and bodies kinesthetically. This is not only satisfying but it helps them learn how to deal with their emotions. Combining physical and mental work becomes a multi dimensional experience that helps healthy growth. Boys are natural free range beings that need to figure themselves out within the shape of the world. Even if a boy makes it to adulthood with his masculinity relatively intact, another hurdle is waiting finding a spouse. It’s been researched that women that take birth control pills are attracted to men with lower testosterone levels.


Other than changing styles over time there is little difference in the two pictures I’ve posted. A real man doesn’t need his clothing to convey a message to the outside world about what he is. His personality and behavior conveys that message to those around him. It’s women that dress up for each other, not men. A man should be confident and mentally tough enough to not care what he looks like while pursuing his dreams. Cultural fascism has increased its grip on our country; the western world requires individualism and masculinity, not the superficiality of effeminate men, to be extinguished in order to keep society in voluntary servitude. Men need to wake up from the distractions of drugs, fashion, entertainment, pornography, and pro sports to regain themselves and their families.


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9 Values of the Unhappy and Unfree

Values of the Unhappy and Unfree

Part II of II, Part 1 here.


  • Choosing unhappiness- Meaning that everything from money, intoxicants, work, being cool, or stylish are more important than actual happiness. Many benign superficial behaviors simply get in the way of happiness, more serious behaviors achieve the opposite of happiness.


  • Loveless- People that don’t feel special about themselves can’t love anyone else. Except maybe odd inconsistent fixations with pets or animals. A la Tony Soprano.


  • Behavior that is driven by Anxiety, Non thinking- Panic interrupts everything. Neurotic anxiety doesn’t allow focus, without focus it’s impossible to love or think well. An adult interrupting children for no real safety concern is one of the most destructive things a parent can do to a child’s development.


  • Voluntary Ignorance-Not interested in a life long love of learning. The only real information they absorb is superficial and vacuous. They feel the need to impress a crowd with cherry picked information to support their ‘image’.


  • Lack of responsibility for actions. With no personal responsibility a person has no self-respect. With no self-respect a person thinks ‘anything goes’ (aka moral relativism) is OK. While this is freedom it leads to unhappiness, which then doesn’t support freedom’s values.


  • Wants power and control of other people-Doesn’t believe in the morality of voluntary behavior. Little dictators want people to follow orders by force if necessary, of course it’s for their own good. Kids are an easy target for excessive parental force; often they grow up thinking force is moral. Little authoritarians grow up and support authoritarians in government, which kill an individual’s ability to pursue happiness.


  • Envious and jealous of others success – Reveals a deep-seated unhappiness with oneself and abilities. They feel that the only way to get something is at someone else’s expense.


  • Narcissistic and non-feeling. Enjoys making others suffer because of the deadness and shallowness of their feelings; suffering gives them perverse feelings of pleasure.


  • Group Think- These people don’t feel competent or secure as individuals so they tend to hang out in groups that reinforces the group think. Their insular nature creates irrational beliefs that to an outsider seem impossible to believe. They all believe the same things and feel morally superior to the ‘dumb suckers’ that don’t believe.

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8 Values to Get You and Your Family On Track


Individuals need to be conscious of their values and behaviors if they want to have even mildly satisfying lives. If a man doesn’t have known values, his wife likely doesn’t either and the family can go astray. My values have evolved over the years and have, in some cases, been altered by marriage and fatherhood. Men generally never worry about the future until they are married or have children.

As parents, our kids’ shortcomings are a direct reflection of our own faults. We wondered how we could make sure that we stayed on the right track and gave our kids a firm foundation to build their lives on. We’re doing our best to raise children that become happy and free adults. Free meaning to own themselves wholly as adults. Often parents overlook this long view as they indulge their kids with short-term pleasure in order to satisfy them momentarily. This doesn’t lead to happiness; it can lead to all the wrong behaviors and compounds over time.

Below are our family values – a concise list of related ideas and behaviors that we try to bring to life as often as possible. We try to live them every day and connect them to our children many times a week. Our kids have begun to understand them. They are posted all over our house for everyone to come face to face with many times a day. Challenge yourself and your family to do the same. It takes some effort, but we felt it was important to articulate, integrate and establish our true north to deepen our family connection to freedom and happiness.


Of Freedom and Happiness

  • You are deeply LOVED; love deeply. If this is not the case in your marriage you made a mistake. Try and fix it. If your children don’t feel this do better. Love is a two-way street parents should feel their children loving them back.
  • Know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Humans aren’t generally conscious actors, but we need to come to consciousness to fix problems at the very least. Knowing what you are doing and why ensures that you’re living your values. Lots of people think that they believe something but their actions and behaviors don’t bear it out to the observer. Actions speak louder than words to the world and our children.
  • Think through and solve your own problems. This is a skill that is largely gone in our society. We are told what to think throughout childhood by most parents and schools. We are never taught the process of thinking.
  • Never stop being curious, be active in your world. The curious never stop learning. It makes you better at life. It keeps you growing and mentally young.
  • Be responsible for your actions. Personal responsibility grows self-respect. Self-respect is the foundation for your moral compass. This is the basis for so much…
  • Don’t initiate violence against others. The key for not being part of the bad team. At times parents need to force their children to do certain things; however educational progression should minimize the use of force.
  • Work hard to achieve your goals, never give up. Most unhappy people don’t know how to work and have never found something that they love to do. Love disciplines us and helps us work harder than we thought we could.
  • Above all, know that you own yourself and your destiny. They need to feel this connection, expansiveness and optimism to get though childhood! Kids are too young to know that this might not be the case.

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Gary North is Wrong.

I usually agree with Gary North about all things economic however his recent post on Lew Rockwell needs a response.

His enjoyment of watching men solo dance and saying he was a pariah for these thoughts sounds “off” for two reasons.

First, on principle there is very little difference from the clip he shows to the vacuous music videos of today.

Second, clearly the problem with male culture of the 20th century wasn’t that they hated this type of movie but rather that it was embraced as the new maleness. I doubt he would have been seen as a pariah.

Admittedly, I missed this ‘era’ of middle-aged men dancing having been born in the mid-60’s, but it was ubiquitous enough to draw a conclusion.  These pictures glorify narcissism and mark a distinct rise in this superficiality among men. Narcissism didn’t start with the selfie or this movie but it’s embrace in the popular arts of the 20th century has cemented it’s place and is now accepted and to some degree expected in modern society (e.g. the Hipster, Metrosexual, manliner, bromance etc). Solo dancing is generally about showing off. Being the center of attention and to watch or look at themselves.

Let me be clear – dancing in and of itself can be a symbol of freedom of expression.   Hollywood is about entertainment but most of what it has churned out is anti happiness and freedom. So you say solo dancing is freedom. Yup, so is narcissism. Freedom consistently used to achieve things other than happiness and satisfaction lead to a much lower value of life satisfaction and freedom. Moreover, it is counter to all things male. Maleness at its very essence is the opposite of narcissism – the satisfaction and ‘the doing of the thing’ creates a clear path to happiness. Not performing or putting oneself on display. Show me a happy narcissist and I’ll find you a unicorn.