Gary North is Wrong.

I usually agree with Gary North about all things economic however his recent post on Lew Rockwell needs a response.

His enjoyment of watching men solo dance and saying he was a pariah for these thoughts sounds “off” for two reasons.

First, on principle there is very little difference from the clip he shows to the vacuous music videos of today.

Second, clearly the problem with male culture of the 20th century wasn’t that they hated this type of movie but rather that it was embraced as the new maleness. I doubt he would have been seen as a pariah.

Admittedly, I missed this ‘era’ of middle-aged men dancing having been born in the mid-60’s, but it was ubiquitous enough to draw a conclusion.  These pictures glorify narcissism and mark a distinct rise in this superficiality among men. Narcissism didn’t start with the selfie or this movie but it’s embrace in the popular arts of the 20th century has cemented it’s place and is now accepted and to some degree expected in modern society (e.g. the Hipster, Metrosexual, manliner, bromance etc). Solo dancing is generally about showing off. Being the center of attention and to watch or look at themselves.

Let me be clear – dancing in and of itself can be a symbol of freedom of expression.   Hollywood is about entertainment but most of what it has churned out is anti happiness and freedom. So you say solo dancing is freedom. Yup, so is narcissism. Freedom consistently used to achieve things other than happiness and satisfaction lead to a much lower value of life satisfaction and freedom. Moreover, it is counter to all things male. Maleness at its very essence is the opposite of narcissism – the satisfaction and ‘the doing of the thing’ creates a clear path to happiness. Not performing or putting oneself on display. Show me a happy narcissist and I’ll find you a unicorn.


from a decidedly male perspective