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Epidemic? Not the Way the Obama Administration is handling It

This is how you know that Barack Obama is a puppet for the global elite. Any honest person would be doing everything in their power to improve the Ebola situation. Not in America. The fools that believe in our 2 party system can’t possibly defend this type of epidemic response behavior. Read more here.


Ebola Outbreak or Encouraged Epidemic

Evidence is mounting that the American government is actively doing things to help the outbreak of Ebola in America. The federal government has a patent on this disease, why. I can think of lots of reasons but none of those reasons are good for you average person on the street. Worst-case scenario is so that the medical cronies of government has access to the disease to create a vaccine and reap massive profits while locking out the unflavored companies and products.

In the mean time the federal government and its various administrations are doing the very best they can to ensure that the disease spreads. Much more information here at Natural News. Make no mistake about it, this is a man made problem. it’s a crisis to be used to take away more civil liberties. If history holds true, our psychopathic leaders won’t care how many need die in order to save us from civil liberties and personal freedom .