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‘RACE WAR’ SHOOTER PASSED GOVERNMENT BACKGROUND CHECK, USED LEGAL FIREARM Majority of mass shooters in recent memory passed background checks


It has emerged that Vester Flanagan, the reporter in Virginia who shot two of his ex colleagues in cold blood while on live TV passed a government-required background check and acquired his gun legally.

Buzzfeed reports that it has spoken with Thomas Faison, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who confirmed that Flanagan’s Glock 19 pistol was bought “weeks ago,” and that Flanagan had successfully passed all the required background checks.

Faison also noted that Flanagan had purchased a second gun.

The finding again makes void arguments made by those calling for universal background checks.

One such person was Democratic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who within 3 hours of the killings was calling for new gun control legislation to ensure checks for all gun purchases.

The same arguments were made in the Dylan Roof case in June, until it emerged that the weapon Roof used was legally acquired.

Initial reports suggest that Roof had stolen the gun from his father. However, CNN later reported that he actually BOUGHT it from a shop, after passing a background check.

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