About the blog and the blogger

Posts from a decidedly male perspective that is almost completely missing in modern America.

I’m attempting to answer the question: how can real men feel satisfied with their life and maybe even happy in this hyper sexualized  pro-androgynous country?

How can we be internally and externally free enough in life to really pursue authentic happiness, not what society jams into our senses every day?

I’ll talk about being a happy man, husband, father.

If you are easily offended read no further, you’re neither a man nor happy so scram to some safe sedated site that reassures your misery.

Oh yea, no phony misogynist “macho” men  either.

An alpha male is king of his domain, and he knows it. Since he believes his dominance is unlikely to be challenged, his posture is relaxed and confident. He sits  and behaves in an honest, relaxed and open manner. His focus is on what he’s doing, not how he’s being perceived. He doesn’t “mate guard” because he doesn’t need to. He’s not aggressive unless challenged.  Beta males are dishonest, uptight, closed and aggressive for no reason; they mate guard and start wars to compensate for being less than.

One thought on “About the blog and the blogger”

  1. Just heard a book review on the radio which you might like called ” The Opium Wars”.
    It took the guy ten years to write and he draws parallels between the rhetoric of Bush and friends and their concocted reasons to attack Iraq and the governments of 100 years ago , I think the English, and their reasons to attack the Chinese and Indians.


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